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Our team has been hard at work reinventing the mediation experience for our valued friends, clients and colleagues. We have revised the traditional model and created what we hope will be a seamless experience. We live and work in a new world with many challenges. But together we can help one another through these troubled times and beyond. Every storm passes and we are committed to making the best of these difficult times and beyond. Our team welcomes each and every one of you to join us in the Master Mediation Inc. experience.

What To Expect


Our goal is to provide a seamless and simple experience for our clients. Our promise is to passionately pursue this goal by continuously exploring innovative ways to improve the process. We are listening ... tell us how to improve your experience.


We founded our company with an absolute dedication to efficiency. Litigation and trials are stressful. Scheduling, hearings, depositions, etc., can be frustrating. We trust that our approach to the mediation process will result in a consistently positive experience.


Consistency in the Master Mediation Experience is the corner stone of our success. Beyond the mediation, we have a team actively monitoring client experience. Our team stands by ready to assist with technical and communication issues. We trust that our approach will provide a consistent positive experience for all participants...any time...anywhere.

Orestes "Rusty" Perez, Esq.



Jonathan G. Liss, Esq.

I have tried over 100 civil cases to verdict in Florida courts, federal and state. Board Certified  since 2007 in civil trial, recertifications in 2012 and 2017. “AV” rating  from Martindale-Hubbell. Practice prior to mediation almost 100 percent civil litigation. Florida Bar admission 1994. Admitted to United States District Court for the Southern District 1995. I supervise a team of experience attorneys, assistants and paralegals. We handle litigation in South Florida in State and Federal court. I have tried Automobile Negligence, Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists, Premises Liability, Defamation, Errors and Omissions, Insurance Coverage, Property Damage and Personal Injury Protection.

I became certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Circuit Court mediator to devote some of my time towards working with parties and their counsel to resolve even the most difficult of cases by offering the unique insight only a seasoned trial lawyer can give. I apply myself totally towards resolution while understanding the practicalities of the litigation process.  My mediation practice allows me to take off my advocacy hat for clients, and to simply advocate for the agreed resolution of simple or complex matters, with the guidance of my years of experience.

Howard Weinstein, Esq.

For 26+ years as a Florida attorney I have had the pleasure of representing clients and mediating thousands of matters concerning various fields of the law, including Personal Injury/Automobile Liability/Premises Liability/Wrongful Death, Property Insurance Claims, Commercial Transactions and Litigation, Probate, Guardianship and Trust Administration and Litigation, General Civil Litigation, Real Estate Litigation and Commercial Landlord/Tenant Litigation.

Given my experience and having looked at matters from the perspective of both sides of conflicts, I recognize the challenges faced as Plaintiff and Defendant, and the important role of mediation in bringing finality to the stress and uncertainty of litigation.  Mediation is an effective way to resolve disputes and while doing so, maintaining control over the outcome.

I do not perceive my role as mediator to be the person who shuttles offers and counteroffers back and forth.  I engage in the discourse and absorb the facts and issues of each case as a neutral party to objectively determine the legal and factual issues from both sides of the conflict. My goal is to work with the parties to provide an unbiased case specific evaluation; to offer creative solutions and settlement options focused on the concerns and goals of the parties to obtain finality and resolution attendant to the costs and uncertainties of litigation and trial.

Orestes “Rusty” Perez, Esq.