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Frequently asked questions
Which video platform should I use?

We’ve conducted mediations on virtually every video communications platform. Due to certain features on each platform, we do have our preferences. However, our team is ready to perform on any platform the parties select. Our top three most popular platforms in order are as follows: Zoom, Microsoft Teams & Webex. However, MMI does not believe in limiting our client’s choices. If there is another platform that is preferred, please contact us. We will do our best to accommodate you.

What if I cannot join the mediation via computer?
Not everyone can always join via computer. If you cannot join due to your particular circumstances, we invite all of our clients to join via telephone. Just let us know and we will provide you with a secure number to call and join the mediation.
Is this a secure way to conduct mediations?

Security is one of our highest priorities when conducting mediations. We’ve established protocols in order to better protect our clients and Master Mediation Inc. Using specific settings and monitoring applications, rest assured that MMI has taken every precaution to maintain confidentiality and security. This is true not only relative to uninvited guests, but also between participating parties.

What happens if I need to share media during my presentation?

Given these difficult times, virtual mediations have become the industry standard. Not everyone has the capability to share media. MMI will be offering a Virtual Assistant in the near future. The MMI Virtual Assistant will share all media on your behalf and direction. Send an email to Scheduling@MasterMediationInc.com if you’re interested in this service and we will notify you when the service is available. 

What if I am having technical issues during mediation?

We have a team ready to help. Please call our office at 954.210.7752, if you have any technical issues leading up to or during your mediation.

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